The Early Childhood Admission Assessment (ECAA) is a comprehensive assessment program designed and individually administered to children in Pre-K to Grade 4 for admission purposes to select schools. The test for grades 3 and 4 also administers a reading comprehension test in a small group setting. The information collected from the test provides useful information to the school about a student’s current developmental state. The tests are not predictors of long-range success in academics. Therefore, it’s important to remember that the ECAA is solely for admission purposes to schools and is not for parents to utilize as a way to obtain information on their child. The ECAA may be tested only once during a given admission season, therefore it’s best to prepare appropriately before test day.

We believe it’s unproductive for younger students to feel intense pressure, stress and anxiety surrounding a standardized test. Unfortunately, there will be plenty of time for that in the future. For that reason, our ECAA tutors take extra care to foster a level of comfort and understanding during the tutoring sessions. Our tutors have experience working with a variety of age groups, so they know firsthand how 5-year-olds learn and react differently than 8-year-olds.

Every student is different and therefore we believe it’s imperative that in order to maximize performance on the ECAA it is necessary to tailor a program for the individual student in an effort to develop the approach that best works for them.

Dolphin Academic Prep offers personalized ECAA tutoring!

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When is the ECAA offered?

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