The Regents Exams are standardized tests, administered through the NY State Education Department (NYSED) under the authority of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, that are required to obtain a Regents Diploma in NY. Regent Diplomas are technically optional and typically offered for college bound and non-disabled students. However, most students, with some limited exceptions, are required to take the Regents Examinations. For many NY students, passing the Regents Exams are a requirement in order to graduate. Though all NY public schools are required to take either the Regents Exams or some other form of alternative assessment, private schools are given the option to not administer them. However, the vast majorities of private schools actually do use Regents Exams and award Regents Diplomas. Higher achieving students can also earn Regents with Advanced Designation and Honors designations.

What do they test?

The Regents Exams test and measure a student’s grasp of specific subject matter that they have been taught during their academic year.

How are they scored?

Most students who take the Regents Exams are required to achieve a score of 65 or higher in order to pass. The NYSED considers a score of 75 to 80 to indicate a student is ready to attend college. A score of 75 to 85 is the cutoff for admission for some selective NY colleges and universities and a score below 75 is considered the threshold for placement in remediation courses at some schools, including CUNY schools.

How are they structured?

Most Regents exams are three hours in duration, with the only exception being the Earth Science exam; the Earth Science exam consists of a laboratory component that is approximately 41-minutes long and is usually given up to two weeks prior to the three-hour written exam. Most Regents exams are structured as follows:

  • Part I: a multiple-choice section, which is usually between 30 to 50 questions.
  • Part II: a long-answer/essay section, which consists of either a selection of detailed questions for which the work must be shown as for the math and physical sciences, or a set of essay topics, of which one or two must be written about in detail as for the social sciences.

Dolphin Academic Prep offers personalized Regents Exam tutoring!

We believe that each individual is different and therefore will have different needs when it comes to preparing for the Regents Exams. Our Dolphin Regents Exams Tutors take the time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses so that we create a prep process that is tailored to your specific need – the end product being a great test-taking experience to help you reach your goal.

Diagnostic, Evaluation and Practice
Before the first Regents Exams tutoring session, each student receives diagnostic Regents Exams. The diagnostic test provides an introduction to the test and to the Regents Exams prep; it also allows for a baseline to be created. Moreover, based on the results, we formalize an evaluation that identifies the areas of strength, those areas that need the most help, specifies an optimal prep schedule, and sets specific goals. Throughout the Regents Exams prep our Dolphin Tutors will continue to administer practice Regents Exams like questions so that you become familiar with the format, style and speed of the test, so on exam day it minimizes any surprises that you may face.

More information

NYSED also sometimes refers to elementary and intermediate grade NY statewide standardized tests as Regents Examinations. We are here to answer your questions at every stage, so give us a call or send us an email to see how personalized Regents Exam tutoring with a private Dolphin Academic Prep tutor can help benefit your student.

When are the Regents Exam offered?

Check to see when the Regents Exams are being offered.