Test DateExam Start TimeGOLD ZONE Begins/EndsSILVER ZONE DeadlineBRONZE ZONE Deadline
July 88 a.m.Feb 10/June 8June 24July 1
July 98 a.m.Feb 10/June 9June 24July 1
July 228 a.m.Feb 10/June 22July 8July 15
August 48 a.m.Feb 10/July 5July 21July 28
August 58 a.m.Feb 10/July 5July 22July 29
August 198 a.m.Feb 10/July 19August 5August 12
August 208 a.m.Feb 10/July 20August 5August 12
August 258 a.m.Feb 10/July 25August 11August 18
September 1 8 a.m.Feb 10/August 1August 18August 25
September 98 a.m.Feb 10/August 9August 26September 2
September 108 a.m.Feb 10/August 10August 26September 2

  • Deadlines close at 11:59 p.m. EST
  • GOLD ZONE registration deadline: Last date to reschedule at the lower rate and last date to receive a partial refund for cancelling an exam
  • SILVER ZONE registration deadline: Last date for initial registration without a fee increase and last date to reschedule.
  • BRONZE ZONE registration deadline: Last date to cancel a reservation.