Utilizing the Summer to Study for the SAT or ACT?

Should the Summer be Utilized to Study for the SAT or ACT? Planning is the key to success and that holds especially true for a positive SAT or ACT test-prep experience. If you’re a student who is trying to make an informed decision, then the following are a set of questions that you should consider when deciding on whether utilizing the summer to study for the SAT or ACT makes sense for your student:

Are you a rising sophomore or junior in high school?

At Dolphin Academic Prep, we recommend that students spend the summer after their sophomore and junior years prepping for the SAT or ACT. Summer is an ideal time for students to utilize as they are generally free of most school-time distractions. So whether a student is just starting to think about colleges or whether they are in the middle of the college process, the earlier a student has attained their target score, the more beneficial it will be for them.

What is your target score?

Having an actual target score in mind is beneficial. It does a couple of things: it provides motivation and it serves as a target point as you develop a test-prep strategy. Once you’ve determined how far away you are from your target score, you will know how much time it will take for you to prep and reach your desired score. If you’re further away from your target score, then it might make sense to spend more of your summer prepping for the SAT or ACT.

How many times have you taken the SAT or ACT?

We recommend taking the SAT or ACT no more than three times. If you’re planning on taking either test in the upcoming fall, it might make sense to do the bulk of preparation during the summer so that you’re less pressured during the school year and more confident on test day.

Do you have more free time during the summer versus the school year?

Time management is a balancing act but something that is extremely vital as you work towards your goal. The chances are that you’re more likely to have free time during the summer, even with other obligations, than you normally would throughout the school year. Compare your obligations during the summer to those during your school year (e.g. academic, extra-curricular and personal). The September/October ACT and the September SAT test dates tend to be the most popular times amongst juniors and seniors. Prepping during the summer will allow you to feel better prepared without anxiety and stress playing as much a factor. Once school starts, you can utilize the time frame before test day to keep up rather than catch up by lightly reviewing your study material.

The main thing to ask yourself is how much more of a work-load you want to handle during the actual school year. If during the school year, you are planning on joining any clubs, partaking in any sports, holding any leadership positions and/or taking any AP classes, then it might be in your best interest to manage your time effectively and efficiently by utilizing the summer to study for the SAT or ACT.

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