The ACT Plan is a standardized test that serves as a preliminary to the ACT; it’s viewed as ACT’s equivalent to the PSAT. The ACT Plan measures skills in math-problem solving, critical reading, English and science. Besides the four subject assessments, it includes a career exploration component that stimulates students’ thinking about future plans and relates personal characteristics to career options.

How is it structured?

The ACT Plan includes four multiple-choice sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science.


# of Questions

Time (min)


Total Time: 1 Hours and 45 minutes

1 The English section is made up of 30 Usage/Mechanics questions and 20 Rhetorical Skills questions.
2 The Math section is made up of 22 Pre-Algebra/Algebra questions and 18 Geometry questions.

How is it scored?

The ACT Plan is scored on a scaled range of 1-32 and is determined by a composite scoring system much like that of the ACT. The composite score is based on the scores received on each of the sections of the test.

Dolphin Academic Prep offers personalized ACT Plan tutoring!

Our experience with the ACT Plan has enabled us to develop a highly effective approach for ACT Plan prep. In particular and in addition to developing the problem-solving techniques that are the crux of our test-prep tutoring, our Dolphin ACT Plan prep tutors also take care to emphasize the specific knowledge, concepts, strategies and skill sets required for success on the ACT Plan. We emphasize the kinds of problem-solving skills that will enable your student to effectively wrestle with unusual and/or unfamiliar question types. As part of the overall process, we also help our parents understand the ACT Plan’s score report and how it translates to your child.

Every student is different and therefore we believe it’s imperative that in order to maximize performance on the ACT Plan it is necessary to tailor the prep process to the individual student in an effort to develop the approach that best works for them.

Diagnostic, Evaluation and Practice
Before the first ACT Plan tutoring session, each student receives a diagnostic ACT Plan test. The diagnostic test gives the student an introduction to the test and ACT Plan prep; it also allows for a baseline to be created. Moreover, based on the results, we formalize an evaluation that identifies the areas of strength, those areas that need the most help, specifies an optimal prep schedule, and sets specific goals. Throughout the ACT Plan prep our Dolphin ACT Plan Tutors will continue to administer practice ACT Plan test like questions so that your child becomes familiar with the format, style and speed of the test, so on exam day it minimizes any surprises they may face.

More information

The ACT Plan is generally administered during 10th grade in high school. Individual schools or school systems decide if and when they want to administer the ACT Plan. If your child’s school offers the ACT Plan, registration will take place through the school. Contact your child’s guidance or college counselor to find out if your child will have the opportunity to take the ACT Plan.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 2014, the ACT Plan is no longer available for purchase by institutions, but is still being administered for those that enrolled prior to 2014.

For those in grades 8-9, the ACT Explore provides a growth model that introduces students to the ACT. The Pre-ACT has taken the place of the ACT Plan, being offered to sophomores in grade 10. The ACT is administered to students in grades 11-12. Please check with your child’s school to see if the ACT Explore and Pre-ACT/ACT Plan are offered as New York and New Jersey are not state partners in the program.

For information on the ACT, please click on it’s link to be directed to the exam’s page.

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