Private, Personalized, In-Home Tutors Are Best Way To Learn

Study: Private Tutors Are Best

A recent study conducted by Northwestern University and the University of Chicago has found that private, in-home tutors are the most proven, effective way to learn. The study compared students in a classroom, small groups of students in a learning center and students that received private, one-on-one, in-home tutoring. It showed that mastery of a subject was found to occur in 20% of students in a classroom setting, 70% in a group learning center setting, and 90% in those students who received private, one-on-one, in-home tutoring respectively.

The study further showed that students who participated in private, personalized, in-home tutoring spent more time on learning tasks due to lack of distractions. The study showed: students in a classroom setting spent 65% of their time learning, students tutored in small group learning centers spent 75% of their time learning, whereas those students who received private, personalized, in-home tutoring, spent 90% of their time actively learning.

Studies such as this and others, have demonstrated time and time again the importance of students receiving one-on-one, private, personalized, in-home tutoring. We, at Dolphin Academic Prep, have perfected the art of in-home tutoring and are here to serve your tutoring needs, so give us a call today!