• How is Dolphin Academic Prep different from a learning center?

    At Dolphin Academic Prep, our tutors come directly to your home. Therefore, you don’t need to drive anywhere making it nice and easy! Our team of dedicated and qualified tutors will customize a program for your child that is based on their needs and school’s curriculum, not a pre-determined program that may not relate at all to what your child is working on in school.

  • Does my child need to take any assessment tests before being tutored by Dolphin Academic Prep?

    No, assessment tests (which can cost up to $250.00 or more in a learning center) are not a prerequisite in order for your child to be tutored.

  • What subjects do you tutor?

    We tutor all subjects in all grades from Pre-K to Adult.  We are not just a tutoring company.  We also offer assistance with study and organizational skills, foreign languages, essay writing, academic advising (K-8), college guidance (9-12), college applications,  computer skills and more.

  • Does Dolphin Academic Prep supply any books or learning materials for the tutoring sessions?

    We highly encourage and recommend that your child bring home their school books or any other material they are working on in their class that relates to the subject(s) we are tutoring. There will be times when our tutors will provide additional material if they feel it complements what your child is learning. If additional books or materials are needed, we will help you attain them from your child’s school, if necessary, or direct you to several resources where you can purchase the appropriate books or materials.

  • Where does the tutoring take place?

    Generally, tutoring takes place in the convenience of your home; in some rare instances, and if the student is over the age of 16, we will provide tutoring at the local library if needed. However, we highly recommend that the tutor come to your home and conduct the sessions there. During the entire tutoring session, we require that a parent or guardian, over the age of 21, be present at the home.

  • What are your tutors' qualifications?

    Our tutors are credentialed teachers, substitute teachers, retired teachers, and/or degreed professionals with one-on-one tutoring experience and a passion for teaching. We personally interview each and every tutor, check references, and obtain background checks to ensure that we work with the highest quality of individuals.

  • What time are your tutors available?

    We work around your schedule! Dolphin Academic Prep has private tutors that are available all year-round, 7 days a week, for morning, afternoon or evening sessions. We keep ourselves flexible so our clients can schedule sessions around there other commitments and obligations. Remember, we are here to serve your tutoring needs. So no matter how hectic and chaotic your schedule is, we will be able to cater to you.

  • What if my child doesn't like the tutor?

    We pride ourselves on matching each student with a tutor.  That being said, if, after the session is completed, you do not think the tutor is a good match for your child, give us a call and we’ll remedy the situation and/or get you a tutor you’re more in tune with.

  • Are there any long term commitment requirements?

    No, there are no long-term contracts or requirements. That being said, we do require our clients to sign a form acknowledging our policies, but there is no long-term commitment required. Clients may cancel scheduled appointments with 24 hours notice of the scheduled session at no charge.

  • Are there a minimum number of sessions for which I have to commit and how long is each session?

    We do not have any long-term contracts; however, we strongly suggest a minimum of four sessions in order to really see some sort of progress. The minimum amount of time for each session is one hour.  Depending on the subject or desired results, we may suggest adding additional sessions and/or increasing the length of the sessions to maximize results.  These suggestions would be made, of course, ahead of time, such as at the in-home consultation before any tutoring begins.

  • Do your tutors work with learning disabled or special needs children?

    Yes, many of our tutors are able to work in conjunction with your child’s Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.). For more questions, please give us a call at (646) 490-5075 and we’d be happy to talk to you.

  • I have more than one child. Can you tutor all of them at the same time?

    All of our tutoring is generally conducted through one-on-one sessions. Therefore, in order for our tutors to be effective, and for each student to benefit, we highly recommend sticking to one-on-one sessions, as not everyone may be at the same level.  However in some cases, such as for SAT or ACT prep, we do provide group tutoring. During the in-home consultation, we can discuss the most cost-effective way for all of the students to be effectively tutored.

  • How long do I have to wait to get a tutor assigned to my child?

    The process can be rather quick, depending on how soon you need to start the sessions.  After we meet with you during the in-home consultation, we will go through the process of matching the student with one of our tutors.  Once the match is made, generally within 48 hours, we will then call you to inform you about the tutor. The tutor will then call you to introduce themselves, establish a schedule that works for you and get directions to your home.

  • How do you monitor my child's progress?

    We continually monitor the progress of our students.  The tutor will speak to the parent regarding the student's progress.   Additionally, our Educational Director will contact the parents from time to time to ensure the quality of the tutoring and the progress of each student.  In addition, Dolphin Academic Prep, with permission from the parent by signing our Consent Form, can make contact with the student's teacher/guidance counselor, track the progress and address areas of concern within tutoring and academic needs.

  • Do you tutor students in college?

    Yes, we have tutors who are very capable of tutoring college level courses. Over the last several years, the requests for college level tutoring have dramatically increased; therefore we have and can provide an experienced tutor to fit your needs. College students can be tutored either at home, on campus or in the library.

  • Do you provide test prep for Standardized Tests such as the AP exams, SAT & ACT tests?

    Yes, we provide standardized test prep programs for most of the major tests; we customize each program to fit our students’ needs and goals. We highly recommend that you contact us at least six weeks before the test so our tutors have enough time to help the student properly prepare.

  • How do I get started?

    You can contact us at (646) 490-5075 or email us at We will set up an in-home consultation, which is an informal meeting with you and your child. For the in-home consultation, please have all relevant schoolwork, progress reports, report cards and test results, if applicable, available.

  • What geographical areas do you service?

    We currently serve the areas of NYC, including all the boroughs, Northern NJ and Central NJ; give us a call at (646) 490-5075 if you still have questions or are unsure if we cover your area.

  • Do you offer group tutoring for the SAT and/or the ACT?

    Parents often call to ask if we can offer tutoring in group settings at their homes. If you arrange a group of three or more students, we will work to create a program around the times that work for you. Our teams of professionals are capable and ready to help each student, within the group, navigate their path to success.