PSAT Changes on the Horizon

The College Board is making changes once again, and Dolphin Academic Prep has the latest information for parents, students and educators alike. The PSAT changes on the horizon can be expected starting in October 2015. The redesigned PSAT is meant to mirror the changes announced to the SAT in an effort to allow students to utilize the PSAT as an actual precursor and realistic representation of what is to come when they take the SATs.

The PSAT will be undergoing both structural and content changes. Below is a table that compares and highlights the current PSAT to the changes that students should expect from the redesigned PSAT starting October 2015:

  Current PSAT
Redesigned PSAT1
Test Components3 Sections: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing2 Sections: Evidence-Based Writing2 and Math
Test Time2 hours 10 minutes2 hours 45 minutes
Scoring(1) Penalty for Incorrect Answers
(2) No sub-scores provided
(3) Each section scaled on a range of 20-80; composite scale ranging from 60-240
(1) No Penalty for Incorrect Answers
(2) Each Section will receive a sub-score to provide students, parents and educators a better understanding of a student's grasp of content; a total of 7 sub-scores will be provided
(3) Each section will be scored on a range from 200-800; composite score will range from 400-1600 to be in line with the SAT. Each test score3 will be scored on a range from 10-40
VocabularyMemorization of obscure words and their definitionsDemonstrate understanding of relevant words in context
ReasoningEmphasizes general reasoning skillsFocus on whether a student possesses the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for college and career readiness and success

1 – The changes to the PSAT are expected starting October 2015

2 – The new evidence-based reading and writing section will be composed of a reading test as well as a writing and language test

3 – Along with each section of the redesigned PSAT receiving a score, each test will also receive its own score.

Whether you’re taking the PSAT now, in 2015 or thereafter, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest information. At Dolphin Academic Prep, we take the extra step to inform our students and parents of these changes so that the test-taking experience is as seamless and productive as possible. If you have any further questions or would like more information about the PSAT changes on the horizon, you can visit the College Board website at or you can contact us at 646.490.5075. We are here to help you succeed!